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Rainwater Harvesting
Article from Island Farm & Garden,
the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. [more]


Keeping Groundwater Safe
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the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. [more]


Well Water Wisdom
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the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. [more]

ABC Water Systems:ABC Water Systems Service Van

Specialize in Residential, Commercial and Agriculture water and rain water treatment systems including: Water and Well Pump Sales, Service and Replacement, including Pressure Tanks and all associated controls.

Can supply or custom build specialty controls for level control, pump protection and timing systems. ABC specialize in constant pressure pump systems, the new standard in well water supply for your home or business.

Will sample and test your water and design a filtration system based on the results from the water analysis report.  Water also varies by region and location, with over 20 years of experience ABC is familiar with the unique water characteristics from areas covering Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.


Treatment systems include:

  • Ultra-Violet Treatment
  • Carbon Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Iron Filters


  • Sulphur Filters
  • Water Softeners
  • PH Up/Down Treatment
  • Mineral Filters


  • Taste/Odor Filtration
  • Replacement Cartridges
  • Clorination


ABC Water Systems supply a full selection of whole house or under counter water treatment and conditioning equipment to correct virtually all water complaints.

ABC also supply Cisterns for above ground or in ground installation. We only use FDA approved poly cisterns or concrete tanks.


Call ABC Water Systems

ABC Water Systems have designed, installed and maintained unique water systems that ensure your family, business or farm have the the best water possible, available for daily consumption and use.

One of our licensed technicians would be happy to evaluate your site, sample your water and discuss the different options available. There are a variety of factors to consider when designing a system including, water supply, site conditions surrounding area and terrain along with project budget.

For more information on our services and products please check out the links below.

Services & Products

R.O. System

With a R.O. Water System you can remove that Chlorine Taste, and remove 99% of the impurities found … [more]

Rainwater Harvesting

Significant economic, social & environmental benefits can be achieved with Rainwater Harvesting. [more]

Filtration and Treatment

Your home drinking water should be free of bacteria, sediment, odour, be healthy and taste good. [more]

Tanks & Storage

Can tanks be buried? What base is required? What about algae growth? How heavy are the tanks? [more]

Water Testing

You should test your water, even if its been treated, to give yourself peace of mind. [more]

Wells & Pumps

ABC Water Systems carry a line of quality pumps along with certified technicians. [more]

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    tel:  250-753-3333
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Services & Products

  • R.O. System
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Filtration and Treatment
  • Tanks and Storage
  • Water Testing
  • Wells and Pumps