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Rainwater Harvesting
Article from Island Farm & Garden,
the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. [more]


Keeping Groundwater Safe
Article from Island Farm & Garden,
the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. [more]


Well Water Wisdom
Article from Island Farm & Garden,
the Jan/Feb 2013 issue. [more]

Wells & Pumps

Whether its a newly drilled or existing wells, ABC Water Systems services all of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Part of living in rural areas is looking after your own water supply system. The first part of that system is the well pump, they are powered up 100′s of times a month pushing water to your taps. ABC technicians are available to provide reputable service.

  • Well Shocking
  • Productivity Testing
  • Well Water Analysis
  • Pump Repairs & Replacement
  • Used & Refurbished Pumps


ABC Water Systems carry a line of quality pumps and have certified technicians qualified to install, service and or replace an existing pump. With over 2 decades of experience ABC will trouble shoot problems quick and efficiently. There are a number of factors that effect the operation of your pump, If you think your pump is not performing call ABC for a consultation.

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Shallow and Deep Well
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Jet Pumps
  • Trash Pumps
  • Pond Pumps
  • Hand Pumps
  • Sump Pumps
  • Special Application Pumps
  • LMI Metering Pumps
  • Chemical Injection Pumps

Well Water Disinfection

Refer to the information we have on Well Water Disinfection. We also include a link to the Provincial Water Stewardship Information Series.

For more information on our services and products please check out the links below.

Services & Products

R.O. System

With a R.O. Water System you can remove that Chlorine Taste, and remove 99% of the impurities found … [more]

Rainwater Harvesting

Significant economic, social & environmental benefits can be achieved with Rainwater Harvesting. [more]

Filtration and Treatment

Your home drinking water should be free of bacteria, sediment, odour, be healthy and taste good. [more]

Tanks & Storage

Can tanks be buried? What base is required? What about algae growth? How heavy are the tanks? [more]

Water Testing

You should test your water, even if its been treated, to give yourself peace of mind. [more]

Wells & Pumps

ABC Water Systems carry a line of quality pumps along with certified technicians. [more]

Office Location

  • 9-2180 South Wellington Road
    Nanaimo, B.C., V9X 1V8

    tel:  250-753-3333
    fax: 250-753-3364



  • 8am to 4pm - Monday to Friday
  • Closed holiday weekends.

Services & Products

  • R.O. System
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Filtration and Treatment
  • Tanks and Storage
  • Water Testing
  • Wells and Pumps