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What Does My Microbiology Report Mean?

There is a lot of information in a drop of water. We inspect what you bring us and deliver a comprehensive report to illustrate what exactly is in your water, what issues they present and what actions you can take to solve them.

The primary factors to be reviewed include:

  • Coliform Bacteria – are a group of bacteria that are used as indicators of the potential presence of pathogens, viruses or parasites in water sample.
  • Lactose Fermentors (Total Non-Coliform Bacteria) – are bacteria that grow under the same restrictive conditions as the Coliform bacteria but do not conform to the narrow definition of Coliforms.
  • Yeast And Fungi (Molds) – are normally found on wet or moist surfaces with an organic nutrient source such as aerators, screens or in nature on leaf surfaces and top soil.
  • Total Plate Count – is a measure of the biological activity in a sample and can be an indicator of water safety.
  • AEROMONAS spp – are bacteria that are commonly found in surface freshwaters.

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