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Retail Supplies:

We offer a wide variety of stock items to keep your treatment and pump systems running smoothly. Common items include filters, softener salts and uv bulbs. If we don’t have an item on hand, we can generally get it from our suppliers within a few days. Give us a call or stop by to check on your water system needs.

Well Flow Testing:

A drawndown test can be completed to determine the viability of a well. The requirements will determine the duration or length of the test. Give us a call to review your specific needs.

Real Estate Test & Evaluation

If you are making an offer on a home with a well, it is good practice so complete a real estate analysis in order to avoid costly surprises. With the approval of the seller, we will pump the well for several hours to determine a flow rate. We will also visually inspect the well and offer both water and mineral testing if requested. Finally, we will provide you with a written report of our analysis to assist you in your purchasing process. Please ensure you leave adequate time for the test results to come in. Give us a call for more information regarding timing.

Chlorination, disinfection, UV service and other maintenance:

We offer a wide variety of services to keep your water system healthy. We are committed to looking after your well equipment. If your system is not performing as expected, give us a call and we can walk through your situation.

Clean Water, No Waste

How does your water taste?

Treat your home tap-water. No more bottles, no more waste.

With a R.O. Water System you can remove that Chlorine Taste, and remove 99% of the impurities found in Municipal and Well water.

R.O. Systems, filter small particles and impurities out of water by forcing it through an ultra fine membrane. The particles & impurities in the source water are captured and drained, while the PURE water travels through it. The FILTERED WATER is held in a storage tank for drinking water use on demand.

R.O. System

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