Purchasing Property

Doing the Water-Quality Detective Work

Know what you'll be getting into

Evaluate the situation

Don’t overlook the quality and supply of the water before making that final decision to purchase your dream property. ABC Water Systems can evaluate an existing water system or provide recommendations for systems on proposed building sites. 

The first step is typically the pump test where water is pumped for a duration of time to determine flow.  It is important to note that a flow test is simply a picture in time of the well’s performance on that day. Environmental and Geological events can and do affect a well’s ability to supply water. Along with the pump test, we will visually inspect all the surface equipment, check the well pump motor for amp draw and continuity and, if requested, a water analysis will be conducted to check for bacteria and mineral levels. A written report will be supplied with observations and recommendations for you to better make your purchasing decisions. 

This is a valuable service to both the Realtor, Seller and Purchaser of any pending property transaction. Knowing the source and condition of the water, including that of the surrounding area, will improve transparency for all parties involved.

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