Rainwater Harvesting

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What Nature Provides

Rainwater collection or harvesting is versatile. It is a system is made up of a catchment, a delivery system and a storage tank/cistern which can either be above or below ground. It can be built to supply household water, irrigation and also reduce the dependency on city water. It is becoming the alternative to regulated water restrictions in many communities. Some jurisdictions such as the Nanaimo Regional District are encouraging rainwater harvesting by offering rebates on cistern installation and other components if rated for potable water. Each rainwater collection system is unique. If you are interested in building a environmentally thoughtful system, give ABC Water Systems a call.

Rainwater Harvesting

What More Does It Do?

Other reasons for using rainwater:

Out of necessity:

  • Mains or City supplied water is not available to your property
  • To collect water to help fight bush fires and protect the home
  • To ensure a backup for other water supplies

To save money on water bills or qualify for rebates:

  • To store water at an economical cost
  • The cost of water is already high and it is set to rise substantially in the near future as Councils and Water Boards move to pass on the true cost of water to the community


  • To prevent the impact of storm water run-off on the local environment
  • You understand that rainwater is good for the garden
  • To become as independent as possible, for either philosophic or environmental reasons, or both

Health - The value of pure fresh natural rainwater:

  • Chemical-free drinking water
  • Fresh, pleasant tasting water
  • Current water supply is salty or hard, has odors or contains heavy metals
  • You consider rainwater better for your family’s health and you want to take control of what your family drinks

To meet new regulations:

  • In some suburbs, some new housing developments are now requiring each home to have a rainwater tank of a certain capacity installed.

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