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If you have a well, it is essential to routinely test your water to ensure it not only tastes good but more importantly, that it is safe to drink.  Coliforms and other contaminants may be tasteless, colorless and odorless but are detectable through lab tests.  Water quality testing will provide the results you need to build a treatment system to protect your family.

Different issues such as coliforms, chemicals and metals will determine what type of treatment you need.  Health BC recommends you test for bacteria several times per year and chemicals every 5 years.  We will analyze the results and review with you to provide a full scope of recommendations.  Options such as filters, UV sterilization and filtering are available to treat most water quality concerns.  Treated water is greener and less costly than bottled water in the long term.

ABC Water Systems can guide you through the testing and analysis process.  Stop by our office to obtain sample bottles and instructions today for your family’s peace of mind.

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